Thursday, 22 April 2010

Jamie Jones - Plastic People 16/04/10

Volcanic ash, Motor City Drum Ensemble no show and cold weather could be enough to ruin anyones night. 

Not if you were at iconic London night spot Plastic People for what was to be a night full of motor city kicks and Stuttgart rhythms. Mt Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic ash has terrorised promoters across europe the past fortnight with cancellations and re scheduling, opening the door to budding young bar staff in search of that first DJ set.

Not the case for plastic people as the drinks were flowing thick as fast as Aus Muisc head honcho Will Saul (who funnily enough TEA favourites Ethyl & Flori were filling in for in Vienna) and Wolf & Lamb cub Jaimie Jones stepped in for the absent MCDE. Will and Jaime to had the place 'erupting' and Jaime was nice enough to let those that wern't there have a listen. 

Jamie Jones @ Plastic People - London - 16th April 2010 by warmhq

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