Monday, 20 December 2010

TEA Favourites - TRACKS

100.DJ Nibc - Hold On (Basic Soul Unit remix) [Trunkfunk]

99.BCR Boys - Coded By The Girl (Sawf remix) [Perc Trax]

98.Will Saul & Mike Monday - Small Moments [Aus Music]

97.Bob Holroyd (T.Williams Mix2) [Phonica]

96.James Blake - Klavierwerke [R&S Records]

95.Shlomi Aber - Balck Funk Hi [Ovum]

94.Roman Lindau - Sonnerie [Fachwerk]

93.Robert Hood - Clash [M Plant]

92.Robert Hood - Omega [M Plant]

91.Walt J - Reborn 2 [Curle]

90.CC - Track 1 [Sound Carrier]

89.The End Of All Existence - Track 1 [The End Of All Existance]

88.Frank Martiniq - Blast Corps [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

87.Kenny Larkin - Glob (Ben Klock remix 2) [Planet E]

86.Resse & Santonio & Mayday - The Sound [Kool Kat]

85.Sawlin & Subjected - Track 1 [Vault Series 1.0]

84.Thomas Brinkmann - Cheap Little Rat [Curle]

83.Alex.O.Smith - Ultra Fine One [FXHE]

82.Dino Sabatini - Scylla [Prologue]

81.Lucy - Beautiful People [Mote Evolver]

80.Max Essa - Moonlight & A New Direction [Bear Funk]

79.DVS1 - Pressure [Transmat]

78.Shed - Boom Room [Ostgut Ton]

77.DJ QU - Law (Brothers’ Vibe Law dub) [Deep Vibes Recordings]

76.Sepalcure - Every Day Of My Life [Hotflush Recordings]

75.Perc - Rowan [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

74.Pattern Repeat - 003B [Pattern Repeat]

73.Tony Lionni - As One [Freerange]

72.VVV - Project Y [Fortified Audio]

71.Jimmy Edgar - Hush [Glasstable Music]

70.Actress - Ohn (Fairlight Mix) [Honest Johns]

69.Function & Jerome Sydnenham - Two Ninety One [CLR]

68.Efedmin - Night Train [Dial]

67.Leif - Priority feat Donna (Ethyl & Flori remix) [Fear Of Flying]

66.Marcel Dettmann - Argon [Ostgut Ton]

65.Luis Flores - Pain In My Left Arm (Obtane remix) [Hidden Agenda]

64.Four Tet - Plastic People [Domino]

63.LV & Untold - Beacon [Hemlock Recordings]

62.Terence Fixmer - Last Heroes [Electric Deluxe]

61.Milton Bradley - The Unheard Voice From Outer Space [Prologue]

60.Rene Breitbarth - Reel [Deep Data]

59.Tiga - Overtime (Beyer & Dalhback remix) [Turbo]

58.IFM - Panorama [Quintessentials]

57.Gadi Mizrahi - She Don’t (Lowtec remix) [Spectral Sound]

56.Reporter - Click Shaw (Runaway remix) [Holocene Music]

55.Bicep - Darwin [Throne Of Blood]

54.Schatrax - Champagne Dancer [Fear Of Flying]

53.Perc & Modern Heads - Moddax [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

52.Mike Dehnert - Treillis [Echochord Colour]

51.DJ Koze - Rue Burnout [Pampa]

50.Cosmin TRG - Liebe Suende [Rush Hour]

49.Head High - It's A Love Thing (Piano Invasion) [Power House]

48.Francis Inferno Orchestra - So Divine [Disko]

47.Mount Kimbie - At Least (Instra:mental remix) [Hotflush Recordings]

46.Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow [Aus Music]

45.Hunee - Like Dat [Rush Hour]

44.Space Dimension Controller - Kaleidiscope Ecstacy [R&S]

43.Jonas Kopp M33 [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

42.Ed Davenport - Spirits [autoreply]

41.Samuel L Session - Inner City Dust [Figure]

40.Sideshow - Sort Of Dubolution [Aus Music]

39.SP-X - Extract [Time To Express]

38.Shed - The Bot [Ostgut Ton]

37.Cio D’or - Organza (Milton Bradley remix) [Prologue]

36.Mark Broom & James Ruskin - The Metal Man [Blueprint]

35.Alessandro Crimi - Machines [Broque]

34.Marcel Dettmann - Wound Up (Wincent Kunth remix) [MDR]

33.Martyn - Is This Insanity (Ben Klock remix] [3024]

32.Cosmin TRG - See Other People (FaltyDL remix) [Rush Hour]

31.Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves [Pariter]

30.Markus Suckut - Vary [Stroboscpic Artefacts]

29.Pantha Du Prince - Behind The Stars [Rough Trade]

28.Speedy J - Armstrong [CLR]

27.Ethyl & Flori - Those Eyes [Quintessentials]

26.Function vs Jerome Sydnemham - The Drift [Ibadan]

25.Fantastic Man - Look This Way [Wolf Music]

24.Brian Eno - Flint March [Warp]

23.Terence Fixmer - Phantoms [Electric Deluxe]

22.A.Mochi - Scream Of Silence [Figure]

21.Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milky Way [CLR]

20.Paris Underground Trax - Hardcore Deep House [My Love Is Underground]

Warmer (French) version of the Power House series. Was tough to decide between the two!

19.Motorcitysoul - Deliver Me (Kruse & Nuernberg remix) [Simple Records]

Bottoming kick drum and bassline to boot. Beef your set up or slow it down, this is the track for you.

18.FCL - Lets Go [We Play House]

Hands up house jam on the year. First sign of the vocal creates an instant floor filler.

17.Mike Dehnert - Eigenbedarf [Fachwerk]

Deep in the night white noise and bubbles.

16.Audio Injection - Operation (Speedy J remix) [Electric Deluxe]

13 minute wormhole. Stuff that makes you want to crawl into the speakers.

15.Tornado Wallace - Paddlin [Delusions of Grandeur]

Slow Down, Speed Up and Chug.

14.Sasse & James Flavour - The Right Way (Piano Dub) [Moodmusic]

Kick and percussion that will devour any track you mix into with some lovely resonance.

13.Mark Broom - Scream [Saved]

Screams first, fist pumps second.

12.Hot Lunch - Inside Of You [The Popular Peoples Front]

Peak time house time.


Killer Moodymann vocal thanks to his appearance at RBMA London. Laptop DJs beware.

10.Falty DL - St Marks (Cosmin TRG remix) [Rush Hour]

Anything Cosmin TRG touched this year turned to gold. TEA's pick of the bunch.

9.WAX - 30003 [Hardwax]

Dance, Clap and Rumble.

8.Glimpse - If I was Your Girl [Crosstown Rebels]

TEA's number 1 track from the Runner LP.

7.Ramadanman & Midland - More Then You Know [Aus Music]

One of this years most exciting teams up with one of next years one's to watch. Jam.

6.LB Dub Corp - In Down [Ostgut Ton]

Hedonistic thumper. Artwork complements the music perfectly.

5.Sascha Rydell - Cette Nuit [Fachwerk]

TEA's EP of the year. So Deep. So Banging, So Good

4.Marcel Fengler - Razkaz [Ostgut Ton]

Was a sucker for Ben Klock's Bones & Strings rework to Kerri Chandler. This is no different.

3.Xhin - Incidental [Apotek]

Biulds, Biulds, Biulds.....womp!

2.Peter Van Hoesen - Quartz #1 [Time To Express]

The man that keeps on giving at his grittiest.

1.Tommy Four Seven - Sor [CLR]

Congratulations Tommy Four Seven!

Upon first hearing this track I felt like a school boy that had peeked in the girls change room. I shouldn't be doing this. But I did and things got bigger and better from there. No nonsense here folks, this is raw as it comes.


  1. Good choices! We are on the same level :-)

  2. Wow! Top list, there is a lot I will check out from here, hidden gems and missed opportunities!

  3. Great Rundown here ....a few that i missed too so looking forward to going digging! Cheers

  4. For all spotify users I made a public playlist of this fine selection:


  5. Thanks man.
    I've been slinging back and forth between your list and my Buy account. You're the missing link in my 2010.
    Much Thanks.

  6. Great list, I've not heard plenty of these but will be sure to check the ones I've missed out. Many thanks to Burk for the Spotify list, excellent work :)

  7. Hey guys

    Great to see you all enjoyed the list, thanks for the support! looking forward to a solid 2011.

    and Burk, great work on the spotify playlist too!

  8. Cheers for the list and also thanks for the spotify playlist.
    Some great tunes I know already and a whole host I can't wait to hear. Merry Xmas