Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Carter Brothers - Full Disco Jacket EP

The Carter Brothers
Full Disco Jacket
Rush Hour

It's been a long time coming but the world is finally privy to the superlative talents of The Carter Brothers, whose name now basks in the glow of Rush Hour's beaming lights. Tim and Gavin Carter (not surprisingly siblings) currently reside in the sleepy streets of Adelaide, South Australia with the two originally hailing from the atypical house and techno savvy Mildura, a regional Australian town located in the far north-western corner of Victoria.

Full Disco Jacket is not by any means a straight off the bat release for the duo as the brothers have two previous full lengths to their name, done of course in the typical Carter Brother DIY fashion. Full Disco Jacket's main mix skirts loosely around the edges of loopy filter house that could easily be expected from the likes of Tiger and Woods although The Carter Brothers move quickly to dispel any doubts that they are filter of the month samplers thanks to their audibly precise production prowess. The two may well see themselves with a mainstream club hit on their hands and have done so by proving once again that good ideas and original productions never age, this is clearly apparent through the main mix's shimmering horns, plaintive synths and one of house music's toughest kick drums.

The Full Disco Jacket Dub is exactly that. A deeper disposition gives the funk guitar plucks and cheering leads a chance to spread its wings amongst the now subbier beats and filtered horns, guaranteeing effectiveness. Nebraska's remix mines a similar path to that of The Carter Brothers in which the UK producer strips it back to Full Disco minus the Jacket. Bold filter sweeps dance upon a side-chained groove with Nebraska's cosy conga's slotting in alongside some Daniel Wang-esque "boo's" nicely.

Both Carter Brother tracks bring an alluring fusion of tumbling beats and groovy, low slung basslines which hint at dance music's funk and disco heritage, twelve inch, full disco jacket.

Listen to TEA's resident DJ's Rush Hour release here


  1. this should get some huge support

  2. great track.
    do i recognize dr hook's "sexy eyes" here?

  3. whoa! did not know they were Australian! awesome