Tuesday, 19 October 2010

TEA Podcast #5 TEA [Prince Of Wales]

Each of TEA's own podcasts are dedicated to a particular blend of tea most suited to the mix itself. TEA's second podcast and 5th in it's series pays homage to Twinnings Prince Of Wales. This exquisite infusion was specially blended for HRH Prince of Wales in 1921, who later went on to become King Edward VIII.

TEA's Prince Of Wales mix is a royal blend of varying styles of house best served with scones in the warm afternoon sun. A beautifully mild, yet full bodied mix in preparation for a southern hemisphere'd summer.

1. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli- Lov [Ostgut Ton]
2. Ethyl & Flori - Lennox Ave [Quintessentials]
3. Tony Lionni - As One [Freerange]
4. San Soda - Lets Go [We Play House]
5. Lee Curtis - Life Lessons [Spectral Sound]
6. Efdemin - Night Train [Dial]
7. JUG - eeehh [autoreply]
8. Motorcitysoul - Deliver Me (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)[Simple Records]
9. Alessandro Crimi - Machines [Broque]
10.Bengoa - Make This Happen feat Brothers Vibe [Moscow Records]
11.Kenny Larkin - Glob (Ben Klock remix 2) [Planet E]
12.Deep Child - Pretty [Future Classic]
13.Martyn - Elden St. [3024]
14.DJ Sprinkles - Reverse Rotation [Mule Musiq]
15.M.in - Work That Body [OFF Recordings]
16.René Breitbarth - Widescreen [Deep Data]
17.Prosumer & Murat Tapeli - Serenity [Ostgut Ton]

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