Friday, 24 June 2011

Zadig - Re-Form


With releases on Syncrophone, Plastic Rec and Hong Kong Imprint Sino, labels responsible for housing such names as Theo Parrish, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, Joris Voorn, Claro Intelecto and Dan Curtin, French producer Zadig aka Sylvain Peltier has been a name generally unnoticed amongst the broader techno community. 2010 saw Kenny Larkin give the Parisian a typically jazzed up Detroit version of his progressive, dubby and European affair Dark Nebular, helping boost the Frenchman's profile as a one to watch in 2011.

Zadig keeps everything close to home for his second release of the year and first for his new label CONTRUCT-RE-FORM, by unveiling his two track EP Re-Form. Zadig's techno namesake 00_D is a fast paced 909 work out geared for the dancefloor featuring a bubbly arpeggio which progressively builds to just below an ecstatic peak, only to then remain on the straight and narrow thanks to some clever filtering, appropriately placed hats and thundering claps.

On the flip Re-Form, the title track to the EP makes for some hip height fist pumps as it favours a deep take on dancefloor techno. A manifesting kick drum slowly fashions its way through a tapestry of austere atmospherics which fade to reveal some Fachwerk or better yet Basic Channel-esque synths. From here a thickish bass line facilitates the fusion of an undeniably dubby groove and solid club track.

If Zadig is submissive to fate just as the angel Jesra suggest in Voltaire's 1747 philosophical fiction novel Zadig ou la Destinée or Zadig The Book of Fate, Sylvain Peltier may well be ready to enjoy the fruits of what the techno now has to offer.

Re-Form was officially released today. For a snippet or pre order go to wordandsound or Juno.

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  1. Paris based Construct Reform presents its first release by label owner Zadig. Re-form injects heavy subterranean basslines in a slow and heavy Techno beat.