Wednesday, 21 April 2010

TEA in April

Exciting times for Marcel Dettmann admirers with his debut LP on the verge of release, track 9 gets this months number 1.

1.Marcel Dettmann - Silex [Ostgut Ton]
2.Surgeon - Compliance Momentum [Dynamic Tension]
3.Milton Bradley - Somewhere Beyond My Illusion [Prologue]
4.Mohlao - Vacuum [Piece Communications]
5.Norm Tally - Cosmic Wave [Pariter]
6.Jason Fine - Many to Many (Ben Klock remix) [Kontra-Musik]
7.VVV - Project X (Y & Z) [Fortified Audio]
8.Xhin - Blade Moth [Meerestief]
9.Function meets Jerome Sydenham - Two Ninety One [CLR]
10.Jerome Sydenham - Rump [Drumcode]

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