Friday, 4 November 2011

Northern Structures - Service & Devotion EP

Northern Structures

Service & Devotion

Sonic Groove

Denmark’s Lasse Buhl and Troels B-Knudsen aka Northern Structures follow up their debut Self Similarity EP on Adam X’s Sonic Groove imprint with the staunch Service & Devotion EP. The opening track 9 to 5 is like clocking into your first day as a hapless factory worker under the command of the M-Machine in Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic Metropolis; as a faceless factory worker at your designated manufacturing station you are repetitiously pummelled by conveyor belt kick drums, electrical snaps and hazardous warning sirens.

Power Tool ventures deeper underground and away from the factory floor, where the combination of strutting nail guns and hissing pipes grit around a relentless kick drum, matching the rawness seen in Henning Baer and Milton Bradley’s K209 collaboration.

Arguably the roughest of all three tracks, Bolts clanging metallic stabs and seething distortion relentlessly muster through 5 minutes of ram-shackling and industrial brutality. The hard yakka themes that surround Northern Structures - Service & Devotion is an ode to the grim industrial soundscapes that so many factory workers past and present are faced with everyday.

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