Friday, 11 March 2011

Emmanuel Top - Addiction/Revival EP

Emmanuel Top

Addiction/Revival EP
Planete Rouge

After close to a decade of silence and recent whispers of a return, French recluse Emmanuel Top has released his Addiction EP on fellow Frenchman Terence Fixmers seminal Planet Rouge imprint. Originally from Lille, it’s a measure of the esteem in which Emmanuel Top is held as years previous saw him work alongside Richie Hawtin and Italian trance don Bruno Sanchioni, most famous for producing what some argue as the first trance single The Age Of Love.

Top’s return to the fray opts for functional techno rhythms with a low end approach, not to dissimilar from Fixmer’s current run of production. Addiction clocks in at a monolithic 14 minutes, rich with dense textures and reverberating riffs that facilitate a fluctuating acid tinged progression.

The appropriately named Revival favours a dubbier approach which is both ear catching and DJ-friendly. It slowly builds into a dreamy wall of ethereal resonance floating around what progresses into a chugging warm up groove. A hypnotic workout is soon to follow making for an inspired deep techno track. Top’s EP of two halves has succeeded in maintaining the balance of traditional techno and machine driven warmth - well worth the wait.

Listen to Addiction here

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