Friday, 30 April 2010

Apparat - New Guernica - 26/04/10

Melbournes New Guernica hosted 2 live shows of BPitch Controls Apparat over the Anzac Day weekend.

Last time I saw Apparat he was one half of mind blowing Moderat playing at Barcelona’s Sonar festival in a hanger the size of the Nou Camp. So what better way to see him a second time then at Melbourne’s New Guernica, only this time Apparat was the one dropping bombs not General Franco.

Apparat’s intelligible drums patterns with a doof to make the most timid woop had the New Guernicas knowledgeable and receptive crowd flailing their arms and exchanging neighbourly nods of approval.  

Moderat favourites Seamonkey, No 22 and Apparat specialty Rusty Nails all made an appearance as did Modeselektors remix of Headhunter - Prototypes which smacked everyone across the face and snapped us out of Apparats throat lumping trance. 

Good night with a good crowd, I look forward to going back.

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