Monday, 22 November 2010

Jay Shepheard & Tornado Wallace 20/11/10

Pic Angus Chisholm
School's out and the sun was shining last Saturday the 20th of Nov. Landans Jay Shepheard & Melbournagain's Tornado Wallace help herd an excited Cuckoo Bar through a whirlwind of disco and house driven jams.

TEA's special Canberrian guest Rubicon kicked the night off with a solid 2 and half hours of adulterated and slo mo warmth, setting the tone to what was going to be a night full of mischief and tom foolery.

Pics Kate Brook
Mr Wallace sporting a moustache to match the music had the young faithful and bar hangers on slowly making tracks to the dance floor thanks to some eloquent pre party jams. It wasn't until Cuckoo's transition from heave to ho did Lewie decide to drop what everyone had been waiting for. With the twirl of the index finger and smooth lean back everybody's TW favourite Paddlin was slammed back in to a response of overwrought squeals and giggles.

Pics Angus Chisholm
137 Hindley street was then treated to some Jay Shepheard live. After some early technical hicups Jay had TEA's wooping boys and yelping girls dancing to the beat of the Jay drum on Cuckoo's impressive Funktion 1 soundsystem. Jay opted for rhythmic drum patterns and cleansed bleeps, an enjoyable contrast to the chugging fours and crackling textures of Tornado Wallace.

Pic Angus Chisholm
With the night cruising along rather swimmingly and in it's final quarter, TEA resident Clyde Drexler brought the night home locking away a few final fist pumps for the Cuckoo faithful wanting more.

When the house lights did eventually come on it was evident that a wholesome night was had...and who can't resist belting out some Talking Heads anyway.

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