Friday 27 July 2012

TEA Cosy Sounds Part II

TEA has been a little quite on the party front this year, with only two events thrown consisting of the same line up. Our first show in January celebrated two years of blogger-sphere life with the ever reliable warm up maestro Daniel Filipovic and Nic Tuohey, affectionally known as the “Dark Horse” thanks to his red-blooded closer at My Aeon.

Testosterone levels dropped for our Cosy Sounds instalment at Loop a few weeks later, once again with the velvety Filipovic and Nic Tuohey, who has since left for five months of hedonism, falafels and cheap rent in Berlin. Check out his recent interview with Roman Lindau for TEA below.
We break a five month TEA party drought at Loop Friday, August 17 with Cosy Sounds Part II. Cemented to the bill as always is Daniel “Swayze” Filipovic and James Manning, with the introduction of Phaon Phipat - Melbourne’s diamond in the rough.
I was fortunate enough to meet Phipat at a recent Levon Vincent gig here in Melbourne and hearing his vinyl only Space Odyssey 900 mix was like drinking a refreshing brew of peppermint tea.
By the sounds of Phaon Phipat’s mixes (his most recent 001 mix above), the young Melbournian’s taste in deep house rivals that of the lab coat German producers making it and we look forward to having him warm Loop for the first time.
Entry is free and records rotate at 10:00pm.