Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TEA Podcast #24 - SVN

There is something endearing about the broken english, yet completely accurate descriptions Hardwax use to detail their records.

“Pure Berlin underground techno with lo-fi attitude” “Tripping leftfield electronic pop” “Subtle lo-fi-esque House EP in best Chicago old school tradition” and when have any of us walked past a Hardwax record labeled “TIP!” and not at least given it a listen? These are just some of the superlatives Berlin’s institutional record hub use to champion the esoteric sounds of SVN.
In 2011 SVN launched SUED Records, which to date only has the two "Untitled" releases, both split with a cloaked character who goes by the acronym “SW.”. "Track 2" from SUE001 nestled in neatly at number 10 on TEA’s Top 100 Tracks for 2011 and was pigeonholed by us as “acoustic house” (one for the Hardwax wordsmith) caressed by the deepest of blue and moody piano chords.
Hardwax’s nod to the SVN beat down house sound; underground, leftfield, lo-fi and tripping is perfectly put, but it's SVN's “electronic pop” guise which comes to life in “Tase”, combining the kooky German pop-antics of D.A.F and Kraftwerk with jacking Chicago house and dusty analogue stereophonics. SVN's grubbier EBM front is the result of his “AU” project on two more "Untitled" eps, this time on obscure Berlin imprint General Elektro
SVN's masquerades don’t stop there. In a 2009 whisper, the shady Berliner released four proper cuts of super-nerdy German house music via his “XI” ep on the left of centre Norwegian imprint Sex Tags Mania. Sex Tag Mania fans will more affectionately know SVN as one half of “Dreesvn” - The other half “Dree” being Acido Records aficionado “Dynamo Dreesen”. All analogue house nerds should represent “Tall Stories” and “Woodlandscene” 12”s. TIP!
So it is a pleasure to welcome the incognito SVN to TEA’s podcast bunker with an hour’s worth of veiled and flirtatious house music.
Tracklist Withheld.

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