Sunday, 24 October 2010

Space Dimension Controller - Temporary Thrillz

Belfast's Space Dimension Controller aka Jack Hamill has done it again and this time it's for legendary Belgian imprint R & S. The 6 track Temporary Thrillz EP is full of bubbly pads, beautiful melodies and a pre-teen playfulness that washes over you like a warm summer holiday's breeze.

Tracks Kaleidoscope Ecstasy and 2EZ (Autopilot's Lament) will have you bursting from the inside and kissing the person next to you, you'll be promising never to do anything wrong again after hearing Transatlantic Landing Bay and Simmering Motion whilst Mercurial Attraction and Temporary Thrillz will reinforce that everything is going to be aaaalllllriiiight.

At age 20 SDC's analogue productions are head and shoulders above the rest. Not be missed.

Follow SDC on Soundcloud here and buy it here.

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  1. Solid review of a release that looks to be a future classic. werd!