Saturday, 16 October 2010

Darko Esser at Berghain - 5 Hour Set - 09/10/10

Darko Esser @ Berghain 09-10-2010 by Darko Esser

A real treat from Wolfskuil's Darko Esser. Recorded live from deep in the bowels of techno's Mecca, Berghain.

This is more than 5 hours of associated 4x4's and cyclic fashions, but 300 minutes of beautifully laden musical styles.

"Full 5 hour recording of my set at Berghain from 0:00-5:00 last saturday. It was an absolutely AMAZING night, B'hain is one of my fav clubs to play and this time it was no exception off course. I feel like a fish in the water there. Crew, people, atmosphere, sound: it's all BRILLIANT!!

Since it's a 'warm-up' set I start of at a very slow pace with ambient/electronica/electro/dubstep slowly working from the deeper forms of house and techno to some banging freaky shit at the end. Hope you like it!"

- Darko Esser

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  1. hah, I was actually there for that! pretty fun night all in all.