Monday, 25 October 2010

JUG - Slug EP

TEA resident JUG has just released his Slug EP on London imprint autoreply!

Words by Juno Plus writer Richard Brophy.

JUG's 3 track EP kicks off with 'Hymn for Him' a lovely house jam full of dubby drums promising before a shimmering, deeply evocative chord sequence with sensuous strings to boot. These elements provide the basis for a beautiful vocal that will melt the heart of even the hardest techno cynic.

In contrast, the bouncy acid of 'Eeehh' is more stripped back, but JUG aka Adrian Nicholson ensures that it will not be consigned to the DJ tool bargain bin thanks to the inclusion of some cut up, quirky vocals and the prominent driving percussion.

Finally, the title track attempts to straddle his musical and dance floor leanings. The beats are stripped back and the rhythm less direct, alternating between straight 4/4s and off-centre patterns, whilst the gradual introduction of atmospheric chords guarantee it and its author a high placing in the league of spine-tingling, ethereal techno.

You can next catch JUG playing at TEA with Jay Shepheard at Melbourne's Croft Institute 27th Nov.

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