Tuesday, 24 August 2010


After hugely successful party with Detroit's Omega Man Robert Hood [M-Plant] TEA brings Berghain resident and Ostgut Ton faithful Marcel Dettmann to Adelaide in his first time to Australia.

Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. Today Dettmann is as synonyms with techno as the word itself.

Dettmann pours Detroit’s oil into European engines, puts British bass music under the control of Chicago’s very own Jack, cuts classics with abstract nuances and connects yesterday with tomorrow and today. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ. Marcel links the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.

Dont risk never being able to see Marcel Dettmann again.

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  1. Hey, guys! :) I checked the Myspace of Marcel and the show was missing on his calendar. Is he still playing on Thu?