Saturday, 21 August 2010

Frequency 7 at Karma, Osaka, Japan 01/05/10

Surgeon and Ben Sims together make the emphatic DJ duo Frequency 7.

Anthony Child aka Surgeon is said to have fallen in love with Japan since first touring in back 1996. He's said to have learnt the language for some years now and has been back many a time since for shows and holidays. He was there again as Frequency 7 on May 1st (Anthony's Birthday) of this year and played to a throbbing Karma Club in Osaka.

2 and a half hours of their 3 hour set was caught along with Osaka's high energy crowd. It's impossible to not wish you wish you were there when hearing those lovely 4x4's drop back into the mix followed by Japanese woops and screams of excitement!

Expect a some intrepid mixing, good times and even some Thomas Bangalter!

Take a peak at a Frequency 7 set up here

Download here

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