Monday, 1 March 2010

London - Russian Bar - 04/03/10

In Russia if you're invited for a meal, expect the hosts to feed you so much Ukha, Pelmeni and Pirozhki that you'll turn Boris Yeltsin. If your you're on a diet i'd suggest emulating satiety, otherwise you will end up мертвый.

Same goes for all things music at the Russian Bar first Thursday of every month. Expect Juno Plus head honcho Aaron Coultate and the Thick as Thieves boys to have you rubbing your rounded belly and ears with content.

Aaron 'Cosmonaut' Coultate will be playing his first gig under his own name since splitting from life long (non sexual) partner James Manning, formally Radeo Vidio. Aaron is a DJ of phenomenal taste who's track selection harbours the ability to ebb and flow between moody house, broken beat and catchy disco whilst keeping to a structured set. You can see the 'Colonels' favourites for February here.

So far Danny "Arshaven' Bartha and James 'Trotsky' Hamilton aka Thick as Thieves have supported the likes of Basement Jaxx, Daniel Steinberg, Nat Self (Zombie Disco Squad) and Solo whilst honing their own tech house production skill(z) with cheeky horns and clicks that Jesse Rose would be proud of.

The two later in the year will be playing London's Stag & Dagger festival, White Nights (Berlin) and lending support to Thomas Schumacher at T/Bar and TEA favourite Ethyl at Shoreditch's Legion. The two recently did a mix for WEPLAYMUSIC which you can find here

As usual the night is free and it kicks off at 10pm.

"Democracy is indispensable to Techno" - Lenin

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