Sunday 27 January 2013

TEA Podcast #32 - Ducerey Ada Nexino

Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo starts TEA's 2013 podcast run with a live set recorded in Osaka on new years eve.

Thanks to a plucked suggestion from Subjected (of Vault Series) at Mitte Musik in 2011, I was handed a Japanese horror themantic looking 12" featuring the new track from Sawlin, once part of the Vault Series troupe.

Placing the record down, B-side up, Anne-James Chaton's cannonade "Événtment27" - a spoken word expulsion of layered stanzas and contorted rhythms - ravaged my headphones.

As if possessed by the track, some research into the label discovered Chaton's demented oral was originally released through Raster-Noton as part of the 2011 Événtments 09 LP. 

Yuji Kondo's Kyoto based 10 Label upstarted the imprint by re-commissioning "
Événement N° 27" for its debut - the Mu EP, a various artists sampler also featuring tracks by Ancient Methods and Steven Porter. Chaton's frenzied double talk was then given a remaster for club play.

Yuji Kondo co-founded the 10 Label imprint in October of 2010 with Katsunori Sawa, and the two collaboratively produce as experimental-techno duo Steven Porter. Kondo is also in cohoots with the free-improv music and art collective ENG: Electronoise Group

Their bifold Steven Porter venture debuted on arcane German label The Weevil Neighbourhood in 2011 (De:Bug hailing the record "A Masterpiece") after remixes for Jimmy Edgar and Sverca on Semantica. 

Their track "Moonlight Graham" later appeared on the Spanish label's 5 Years Compilation, a five-part vinyl series celebrating Semantica's 30th release. Steven Porter appeared alongside a Marcel Dettmann remix to Sverca, mystery collaboration AW & SS and a salvaged live performance by Karl O'Connor (Regis), Peter Sutton (Female) and Richard Harvey, said to have been recorded in Birmingham back in 1989.

In early 2010, Kondo debuted his Ducerey Ada Nexino project with the Adalovelaced I EP for obscure Serbian label Genesa Records. Shortly afterwards a split EP with Serbian producer Scalameriya followed, featuring remixes from Ancient Methods and Exuim. 

Ducerey Ada Nexino then released the Kill Centre EP on the left of field and cassette only label Sludge Tapes - "Level In Shadow" from the EP landed at 13 on TEA's top 100

In late 2011, Yuji Kondo as Ducerey Ada Nexino remixed Carlos Perón, a founding member of the legendary and Duff Man inspiring group Yello, with his track "La Salle Blanche" on the Movit label - listen here

Like his productions, Kondo's podcast for TEA offers no respite from his garrote and macabre brand of techno. Yuji Kondo opens his Ducerey Ada Nexino LivePA with his own remix of Skirt's "Tumulto", recorded at the Universal Adventure Premium Countdown at Universe in Osaka Japan, 31st December 2012.


  1. not trying to be a smart-ass, but i think the right name (or french word) of Chaton's release is "Évenément".

  2. Not sure about that.

    A-JC's album for Raster-Noton was entitled "Événements 09" featuring "Événement N° 27". This then translated to "Évenément27" on the 10 Label release. ‎

  3. this has been on repeat... nice one!

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