Friday, 18 May 2012

TEA Podcast #23 - Bleak

On a recent trip to Berlin (which you can read about here) I took back with me to London 50 records (111 later made the trip home to Australia), courtesy of the usual suspects, plus the friendly staff at O.Y.E. 

In doing so I sacrificed clean socks, underwear and a little warmth for a duration of my stay, in order to keep within Easy Jet’s baggage allowance. As my suitcase - oversized record bag - weighed in a few grams under what was allowed, I wiped my lightly perspiring brow and watched my "fragile" baggage bumble down the carousel. I boarded my flight bound for Stanstead cradling my backpack like a washing basket, both straps had snapped under the weight of the remaining records I was unable to fit into my checked baggage. 
Amongst those records was an artist named Bleak, with the “Landscape/Fall” 12” on UK imprint Sudden Drop, Fall landing at number 80 in TEA’s Best Of 2011 list. That particular ep consisted of two Skudge-esque cuts I thought may work well in warming cold techno dancefloors down under, proving correct on a barmy Melbourne night with Marcel Fengler.
Konstanin Naura, better known as Bleak, only has three releases to his name, two on Sudden Drop as well as his celebrated “Ekko” ep on Deeply Rooted House. Rumour has it something may also be in the works with his esteemed Swedish techno brethren Skudge. The Swede’s entry into the TEA podcast canon veers between house, electro and techno elements with effortless aplomb, from the classic strains of Fred P and Model 500 to newer tackle from messrs Unbalance, Delta Funktionen, Aardvarck and the like.
1.Aardvarck A1 - Indo Ep [Skudge Recordings] 2.Fred P. - It is what it is [Semesters 2] 3.Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff - Brother (skudge remix) [Indigo Area] 4.Infinity - Skyway Redshape Mix [Tresor] 5.Model 500 -The messenger [R&S] 6.October - Tension point [String Theory] 7.Roger Gerressen - Somebody Should've Told You [Wolfskuil] 8.Scuba - The Hope [Hotflush] 9.Goth-Trad - Cosmos [New Epoch] 10.Object - Porcupine [Hessle Audio] 11.Thule Records - Oz Artists [Art Of Wrestling] 12.Wax - WAX30303 B (Original) [WAX] 13.Unbalance - Beat Stumble (Mattias Fridell Remix) [Gynoid Audio] 14.Bleak - DUST [Unknown] 15.Delta Funktionen - Work [Field] 16.Steve Moore - Frigia [Zero-Point Field]


  1. That tune after Roger Gerresen isn't scuba - the hope, I know the track but can't remember what it's called at all, what's it called?

  2. I need to get away from all this tension!

  3. 11. Oz Artists - Art Of Wrestling [Thule Records] :)