Thursday, 10 May 2012

Frank and Tony - 001 [Scissors and Thread]

If you find most of your DJ sets are mid week, in dimly lit bars, you’ll most likely be attempting to swoon wine sipping, first-time daters. If you are doing your job correctly, couples will sit closer, hanging feet will tap against bar stools and your warm and alluring blends will offer a seductive ambiance - all of this without having to call on the hot natured vocal serenades of Isaac, Teddy or Marvin.
Rarely will couples interject their conversation to inform the other Theo Parrish’s dubstrumental to Kuniyuki’s “All These Things” is currently playing. So rather than expect woots of admiration for your selections, it's best to hope for a head-nod, raised glass, or a thank you on departure - directed at you, as well as the bar staff.
As el vino flows and things go from hot to heavy - let Frank and Tony become the aural aphrodisiac. “Worked” laps up the entire A-Side, as soul pouring vocals, caress lovemaking keys and rhythmic percussion. The track also features acclaimed American jazz drummer Bob Moses.
“Rings” makes for a sweltry, skin on skin, melt down - featuring the sultry vocal talents of Corbu, who successfully channels his Romanthy-like sensibilities in combining sexy and sassy with the danceable. 
Corbu’s uplifting live version of "Rings" is something you could expect the recently self proclaimed Luddite, Andrew Weatherall to play when closing out one of his “A Love From Out Of Space” parties, not a dry eye in the basement.  

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  1. Well written review for an interesting release. If it wasn't just before 6 pm in Europe, I'ld be having a sip of wine just for myself now.