Friday, 17 June 2011

Xhin Re-releases 2004 Supersonicstate

Xhin has just announced that his debut album from 2004 Supersonicstate is now available for free 320kbps mp3 download direct from his Soundcloud page, until now only available in Xhin's homeland of Singapore.

Although very different from the Xhin sound of today, the basis and backbone of his production are of still very much there, only less evolved. Zapping synths and scattered percussion still play a vital role in the Singaporean's productions, only over the years game play melodies and busy arrangements have been replaced with dubbier repositions and pulsating groove.

What is most noticeable from 2004 is Xhin's strict seven year conditioning diet of raw eggs and phosphocreatine protein shakes imposed on his now hulking and techno athletic kick drum, a must listen for all Xhin enthusiasts.

Listen to Xhin's entire 3 hour set for TEA at Miss Libertine in Melbourne during March of this year here.