Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fachwerk Launches New Sub Label Colombage

Colombage is a new division of Fachwerk Records which looks to focus more on the housier side of Fachwerkian techno you would normally expect from the likes of Mike, Sascha and Roman.

Fachwerk's Colombage will stay close to home in terms of its artists with the usual suspects expected to release on the imprint, but it's the name Reno Wurzbacher, a longtime friend of Roman Lindau that will no doubt draw some extra attention to the label and its first release.

Reno Wurzbacher's stripped back and minimal Julischkaa will take up the Colombage 001 A side with Mike Dehnert's deep and driving Mischkaa overlooking the new imprints proceedings on the flip.

Listen to both tacks here

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