Friday, 29 April 2011

Discovery Records Podcast 003

Adelaide net label Discovery Records is currently up to 003 in their podcast series in which they invite two artists to share in an hour or airplay each. TEA's contribution to the podcast is in the second of the two hours following Fabio Scalabroni's set.

Duration 59:59


1. Franco Cinelli - Landscapes of the Future [Greener]
2. Planetary Assault Systems - Raid [Mote Evolver]
3. Basic Channel - (Q1.1) Edit [Basic Channel]
4. AnD - Horizontal Ground Vision [Black Sun Records]
5. The Black Dog - Strip Light Hate (Aitcho Airfix Refix) [Dust Science Recording]
6. Markus Suckut - Symbiosis [Figure SPC]
7. Perc - Trojan Bumble (Collapse Tool) [CLR]
8. Tobias Freund - Street Knowledge [Logistics Records]
9. AnD - B2 Track A [Black Sun Records]
10. Margaret Dygas - janina says... something [Power Shovel Audio]
11. Roman Lindau - Lyrica [Fachwerk]
12. Rolando - Running [Saved Records]
13. Maurizio - M06B (Edit) [Maurizio]
14. Norman Nodge - Maniac [MDR]
15. LFO - Moistly [Warp Records]
16. Mike Dehnert - Kontextfrei [Delsin]
17. Ken Nordine - Smelt [Snail Records]

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