Friday, 18 March 2011

Pfirter - Audiometria (Lucy remix)

Pfirter "Audiometria" (Lucy Remix) [Stokholm LTD 021] by lucy

Strobo-man Lucy has unveiled his new remix for Pfriter's Audiometria EP on Par Grindvik's Stockholm LTD imprint.

Somewhat a fan of the Argentinian sound, Pfirter and Jonas Kopp both featured on Lucy's Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2010, nice to see some neighbourly back scratchings between the two.

Rumour has it Pfirter and Lucy could both be making quite the storm in a TEA cup in 2011...


  1. Hmmm, wow, yeah, goosebumps and shaking me booty&body here! Thanks! Just the character of sound I love! Deep, somewhat melancholic but with a strong backbone. Love it! Thanks for posting this kind of Techno. Really appreciate it. I know why I am closely following your posts.

    Sorry I could not get too much into the Lucy and Xhin LX2 or LX3 but this definetly rocks big time.

    You have mail ;) Thanks so much again!

  2. Definitely a great track, Strobo things are going crazy lately. One litle nitpick though, Stockholm LTD is Par Grindvik's label. Would absolutely love for Pfirter and Lucy to storm some TEA cups this year ;)