Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nostalgia, Imagination or Great Music

The premise is simple. A different DJ each month makes a promo mix from a club of the past. They might have played there, they might have danced there, they might have never gone there at all. Hopefully it will be an exercise in nostalgia, imagination or great music. If we're lucky, it'll be all three. - Promo Mixes

For those of us that have read about the good ol days at Chicago's Music Box, New Yorks Red Zone or dreamed about dancing at Berlin's E-Werk or Birmingham's House of God we now have the chance to make that dream a little more real.

Promo Mixes has given the chance to a select few djs to compile and mix their own set for a legendary dance floor of the past. A lovely concept where some of the DJ's included may have yet to spin their first record when these dancefloors were at their peak.

Imagine...Silent Servant at Tresor 98, Function at Red Zone 91, Peter Van Hoesen at Prestige 88, Patrick Walker at Pure 96 or Promomixes latest Lucy at E-Werk 1993.


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  1. Thanks so much, this will make for an excellent Sunday listening!