Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shackleton Trainwreck Mix for RBMA

The latest show to hit Redbull's Music Academy Radio shelves is Shackleton's brumal Trainwreck mix. Cast away thoughts of a 15 year old bedroom DJ honing in on their first CDJ 100 beat match and experience a intellectual, shivery and thought provoking mix that could easily soundtrack the 497 days that Ernest Shackleton and the Loss Of The Endurance explorers experienced on a Antarctic ice floe.

2010 saw the shadowy Shackleton release only the one Man On A String/Bastard Spirit EP which features early on in this mix. This was the first release on his new label Woe To A Septic Heart (Skull Disco RIP 2005-2008). Shackleton's smatterings of spoken word and Middle Eastern samples throughout the mix further strengthen a intention to drift further from a 'dubstepped' sound and toward something sleeker, leaner and less easily classifiable.

According to his cover story in Novembers issue of The Wire, Shackleton also has a project in the works called Refugees Of The Septic Heart, which is apparently a spoken word duo featuring himself alongside past collaborator Vengeance Tenfold, who lent his vocal talents to the 2008 Skull Disco single Death is Not Final.

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