Saturday, 11 December 2010

Soulphiction live at Robert Johnson for RBMA

If you were to see Soulphiction their is no doubt that Frankfurt's Robert Johnson would be the place. Well you can do the next best thing and stream it here! Well maybe not the next best thing but a good thing. If your were a fan of Thomas Hammann & Gerd Jansen live at Robert Johnson Volume 4 then you'll love this.

Along with another drum ensembler who shall remain anonymous, Soulphiction hails from Germany's own motor city Stuttgart. Souplhiction aka Michel Baumann starts us of with TEA favourite and interviewee Tornado Wallace and from there it's all hands up warmth as we'll some other freaky mother f**** tracks.

Soulphiction also rolls under the Jackmate and Manmade Science pseudonyms as well as calling the shots at Phil Pot and Phil_e Imprints, Philpot being Larry Levan's real last name. Phil Pot earlier this year was responsible for releasing Juju & Jordash's tropical jam Tattoo island as well as last years immensely piano driven hit Diskadenz by Ike from the Lost 4 Trax ep.

Also do yourself a favour and check out Soulphiction's remisch to Thomas Brinkmann's Isch.

I don't wanna be a freak but I can't help myself!

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