Tuesday, 5 October 2010

TEA likes this #15

The latest trend of nostalgic showreels over dubbed to the latest thumping 12" continues. (now removed by Youtube)

This time around its Ostgut Ton's Enigma Marcel Fengler with Razkaz. Over pitching chords and under pitched strings rise and fall to create a sea sickening western loop with a oriental feel. Dissonance is in the air.

After his hailed 2009 release Twisted Bleach (Ostgut Ton) and this years Thwack EP (Mote-Evolver), Fengler is starting to turn some serious heads and prove that Berghain is big enough for 2 Marcel's, just wait for those hats.

Dont miss out on Fengler's remix to Covolution by mysterious Scandinavian outfit Skudge.

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