Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Ukraine, Chernobyl, Dynamo Kiev, Shevchenko, Rebrov, Oleg Luzhny and now Vakula.

Just north east of Kiev lies the smallish Ukrainian city of Konotop, birth place of Ukrainian electronica...well not really.... but if it was Vakula would be Kenny and Theo combined.

Vakula has been kicking round for a few years now meshing jazz and deep house to some broken beat and first became popular to people like us thanks to a residency at Moscows Properganda club.

Vakula has so far realesed on Uzuri, TEA favourite Quintessentials, Meakusma and is most likely to be mentioned around the dinner table as much as Linkwood, House of Traps and Fudge Fingas thanks to his Firecracker EP 5 release.

Check out some more Vakula here

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