Saturday, 25 September 2010

Martyn for RBMA at Roxanne Parlour - 24/09/10

Roxanne Parlour has seen a trail blaze of world class electronic music steamroll its way through the venue with Marcel Dettmann last sunday and Martyn the following friday for Red Bull Music Academy.

Roxanne Parlour is fast cementing itself as Australia's podium for the cream of Europe's electronic music crop to showcase their talents to Australia's nascent electronic music scene.

Friday the 25th of September saw Hollands 'don't pigeon hole me' Martyn line up with the support of Lancashire's Illum Sphere and California's manga raver Tokimonsta.

Dubstep parties to the less informed are intriguing to say the least, from the back packs and flat brims to the genre bending mixes of the DJs, to the respect and attention the dance floor pays to the peforming artist.

Last friday was no different as I rolled into Melbourne Roxanne Parlour to some bass heavy, glitchy 2 step courtesy of Brainfeeder's cartoon starlet Tokimonsta. Tokimonsta was an absolute delight to watch with quick mixing, explosive drops and Toki's occasional nod and smile.

Next up was the enthusiastic Illume sphere who belted out a wall of noise for a bit over an hour opening with an announced remix to Gas Lamp Killer. His set featured some new and exclusive Illume Sphere material which he keenly tested on Roxanne's dance floor. By the end of his intensive set everyone was well aware that 'Manchester was in the ***ing building..'

Cometh Martyn, who sympathetically rested some tired ears from Illume Sphere's previous set and toned things down with some warm reggae influenced 2 step, easing the floor to an enjoyable groove.

After gaining Roxanne's trust the 3024 boss stepped things up with some heavier hits by taking us on a journey through house, techno, acid, rave and the nights mainstay of dubstep.

The set that I witnessed further proved that Martyn's DJ sets are more concerned with creating a feeling rather than fulfilling genre expectations. His own Elden St receiving one of the nights bigger reactions.

I started the night off prepared to stand back and watch and observe and found myself by the end of it throwing air punches to the 2's and 4's of every bar.

Check out Martyn on the Red Bull couch with Benji B here & Martyn's on RBMA radio here

FYI - Martyn's father won 2 UEFA Cups with PSV Eidenhoven.

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  1. Sounds great! Wish I was there. If Martyn is the love child of dubstep and techno, they need to have more babies ;)