Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ripperton Cocoliche Podcast

Rippertons latest podcast was recorded live in Malta last June for the Argentinian Cocoliche.

A true leader amongst a galvanising Swiss massive has seen Ripperton work along side Sthlm Audio and Plak Records as well as releasing tracks on Dessous, Systematic, Rekids, Liebe Detail and Connaisseur. Ripperton's re juxtapositions of Laurent Garnier, Beanfield, Steve Lawler and paranoid androids Radiohead have also been met with ogling praise.

In 2006 he launched Perspectiv Records, showcasing some fresh talent from Switzerland and around the world, pressing up tracks from Tobias, DJ Koze,Isolée, Raphaël and TEA favourites Christian Vance & Quarion.

For more chocolate and cheese read TEA's interview with fellow Swiss tastemakers Azuni

1. Ripperton - 1976 (Perspectiv Records)
2. Nacho Marco - Agnes Remix
3. Isolée - Les andalouses (Mule Musiq)
4. St Plomb - Precious Soul - Jakmate NDS Boogie Remix (Perspectiv Records)
5. Lil Louis - Club Lonely - Dixon Edit
6. DJ Koze - Blume Der Nacht (Pampa)
7. I:cube - Grandes Orgues (Versatile)
8. Trickski - The Warm Up (Desilusions Of Grandeur)
9. Agoria - For One Hour (Infiné)
10. Ripperton - The Sandbox - Mark August Alternative Remix (Green)
11. Caribou - Bowls
12. Homewreckers - Chicago Urban Blues (Circus Company)
13. Chopstick & Johnson - Clear Eyes - Tricksky Remix (Suol)

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