Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rayko - Free Downloads

Ever turned your head, squinted your eyes, shook your head and said 'yeah thats fat!'

If you haven't then these 2 free downloads are a start.

Next to the once Lindstrom dominated 'Nu-Disco' section at Rough Trade east lies the new 'Fat-Disco' section dominated by his obesity Rayko. It was love at first bite upon hearing Rayko's mouth watering edit to Tina Turners 'I Can't Stand The Rain' and since then I've been lapping up Rayko's 100bpm-ish feel good slow burners.

In terms of edits think Todd Terje only 200kgs heavier and Spanish. Rayko's own Rare Wiri imprint has been releasing jams since 2008 with artists Phoereski, Ilya Santana, Ilija Rudman and IchiSan all chipping in.

Visit Rayko's soundcloud page for some regularly updated edits, mixes and downloads

Get slow! Get chunky! Get fat!

Hands up for Rayko!

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