Sunday, 20 June 2010

Dada - Glimpse & DJ Rahaan

Old, New, Disco, Techno, Newcastle, Sunderland, Jackie Milburn, George Holey....oh did I mention Glimpse (live) & DJ Rahaan

Glimpse and surprise addition DJ Rahaan grace Newcastle's Cosmic Ballroom for the North East's (UK) favourite late night soirée.

Fresh from the launch of his album "Runner" (Crosstown Rebels) Glimpse was an nominee for both DJ Mags Producer of the year and IDJ's Player of the year. The sheer wealth of varying super-labels who have released material by Glimpse (Cadenza, Planet E, Crosstown, Buzzin Fly, Kompakt, Get Physical) begins to hint at the depth of his live sound.

Only other place you catch him this year will be at 'Ibeefahs' Space.

Added inclusion and true legend amongst the real aficionado's of contemporary dance music is DJ Rahaan.

Rahaan's unparalleled skills as a DJ have taken him from the Chicago underground circuit to the international playing field of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, throughout America.

Regarded as the consistent highlight of the world famous Southport weekender, expect a performance steeped in the mans personality which takes in his roots in the 80's during the birth of modern House Music, but manages to sound as fresh as anything being made today.

Local stalwarts include

Ward 10 (Garry Ogden, Keiron Sawkill)

One20 (Music/Slash/Art, Choice, Tokyo)

Last Waltz DJs (check out Geoff Leopards P45 mix here & Mick Rolfe's 'Alreet Summer Boys mix' here.)

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