Monday, 31 May 2010

Fornogoodreason - Zeitsprung

The wildly oscillating talents of Russell Smith aka fornogoodreason drops his latest mix Zeitsprung.

Mr Smith’s blend of dub laden drum patterns, squelchy acid splurts and appropriately placed clunks are fit to soundtrack Freidrichshain’s new Berghanoramabar…what you havnt heard?

Time Jump or as zie Germans say ‘Zeitsprung’ blends the ‘so hot right now’ Actress, efdemin, Tom Trago, Mark Henning and Marcel Dettman with seasoned kopfs Wincent Kunth, Oni Ayhun, Shakleton and SCB.

For those of you in the Essex part of the world over the next few months and want agoodreason to venture out be sure to check out fornogoodreason jackin monfly Oscillate Wildly.

Dates below

Roska & James Blake - Barhouse Essex 12/6 

Emalkay, Actress & Tomb Crew - Barhouse Essex 27/7 

Jayou & Deadboy - Barhouse Essex 10/9

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