Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Alexander Robotnick Unveils New Album

Electro before electro was electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick configures his new album 'Analog Session'.

Co-produced with fellow stallion Lapo (Ludas Pinsky) known for his Florentine Reggae and more recently world, dub soul and ambient works,played live with Robotnick in the studio for 2 days straight on a vintage set up to make any analog enthusiast turn Italian green with evny. Their set up including a Oberheim Biphonic and a Korg Stage Echo.

 The entire process was caught on film and will be used as a bonus DVD which will accompany a limited edition version of Analog Session

'Obsession for the Disco Freaks' was the only release for Robotnick in 2009, an old school electro cruiser remixed by current day indie electro remixers Rory Phillips and Heavy Feet.

Analog Session will be released on June 7th

1.Concrete Seq 1 (Club Mix)
2.Fun-Faer (Club Mix)
3.N5 from Outer Space
4.Promenade Am3
5.Sunday Morning
6.In my House
8.Concrete Seq 1 (Video Version)
9.Fun-Fare (Video Version)

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