Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Resident Advisor Podcast 201

Sandwell District, Bauhaus, Horizontal Ground....Junkie XL?

Everyone loves a techno guess who, and today’s goes by the code of 19.454. 

The mysterious Frozen Border label is the latest to wrap itself up in this 'secrecy' cotton wool, forever passing its way through techno music.  

The UK's sub label 'Horizontal Ground' has it's artists release their names under a numerical code, making TEA's March chart with 'Snake Cave'. 

Numerical code is the best hint you'll get as to who the artist is, with no myspace's, facebook's or websites. What you will find as a point of contact is a smudged email address stamped onto the vinyl sleeve.

So what better way to nurture a growing (techno) beard then to listen to Horizontal Ground's latest unknown.

Resident Advisor Podcast.

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