Thursday, 4 March 2010


Quarion, one of house musics best kept secrets.

Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Yannak Salvo aka Quarion aka
Ianeq did the "Berlin thing" and moved to Germanys hub of house and techno where he has been producing and djing just that. I first stumbled across Quarion when hearing his remix to Jagged's Hello Kool Nice, a very, very danceable hands up tune on UK imprint Quintessentials.

Quarion's affair with all things deep shines through with his ability to produce moody house music with a get up and dance element that according to him is "going back to the roots of hipnotic dance music". Qaurion has released on TEA favourite Drumpoet Community, Perspectiv and co-owns the Retreat label with vinyl obsessive Hauke Freer.

Check out Quarions remix for James Blonde & Oliver Deutschmann, coming out on Falkplatz Limitiert on a limited to 300 copy 12"

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