Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Four Tet remixes

Back in 2006 Domino Recording Company released a 2 disc Four Tet remix package. What better way to celebrate the release of Kieran "Four Tet" Hebden's first LP in four years 'There Is Love In You' then sneaking this into your record bag as a cheeky add on purchase. For the uninitiated Four Tet's Disc 1 hold remixes to Radiohead, Madvillian, Aphex Twin, Bloc Party, Beth Orton and Sia. All fall victim to Four Tet's glitchy percussion and sketched electronica.

A very hip hop orientated Disc 2 holds remixes by artists Boom Bip, close friend Manitoba now know as Caribou, Warp Records Battles and lyrical associates Percee P & Jay Dee. For the art enthusiasts the CD's booklet contains kaleidiscoped images shot by Jason Evans through miniature Swarovski crystal figurines as seen on the cover.

Very rarely do remix packages contain no dead wood, this is one of them.

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