Saturday, 27 February 2010

Cut Copy Does Blade Runner

Over the last 48 hours I spent 19 and half of them on flight QF 6 from London to Australia next to a screaming baby, watching Black Adder and unintentionally listening in on introductory conversation from people lining up to use the toilet.

So after all that what better way to introduce TEA to Australia then to break the news that Dan from (Australia's) Cut Copy has spent the majority of 2009 re-creating the Blade Runner (1982) soundtrack.

Re-creating 1982 SCI FI classics seem to be the trend of late with Daft Punk scoring the new Tron Legacy by Joseph Kosinski. Tracks such as 'Tears in Rain' 'Rachel's Song' and 'OST' have all been recreated using a CS-80 synthesizer, yet we're are still a while off knowing if Dans recreation of Vangelis's masterpiece will see the light of day.

But what will see the light of day is album number 3 and some european festival dates.

Fri. July 16th - Lisbon, Portugal @ Super Bock Super RockSat.
July 17th - Valencia, Spain @ Benicassim Festival
Sun. July 18th - London, England @ Lovebox Festival
Thurs. July 29th - Emmaboda, Sweden @ Emmadoba Festival

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